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The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is grabbing national headlines and evoking outrage. Children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning, people have died from Legionnaire’s disease, and its long-term health impacts are still unknown. Everyone from President Obama to Erin Brockovich has spoken out. As a plumbing contractor of 40 years, Flint is my nightmare come true.

Los Angeles has switched to the same cheap disinfectant, chloramine, which is believed to have compounded Flint’s water crisis. Chloramine strips lead and copper piping, and sends these metals straight into our water supply, putting anyone who drinks the water at risk for lead poisoning and other serious health issues. I believe if nothing is done soon, Los Angeles could become the next Flint.

Read the rest of the petition and join the over 400 35,000 people who’ve already signed!

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