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Chloramine Filter Test 1 – Pur, Brita, Berkey

As promised, we’re continuing to expand our chloramine filter test.  Today we’ve tested 3 countertop water filters — a Pur, a Brita, and a Berkey — for their ability to reduce chloramine. *A note on the Pur filter: It’s only fair to point out that the Pur […]

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Erin Brokovich on Bill Maher about Chloramine

Erin Brokovich explains chloramine, Flint, and the Flints to come on Real Time with Bill Maher. Want to know what countertop water filters reduce/remove chloramine?  Check out the latest results from our filter tests.

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Chloramine Facts

Chloramine is: De-zincing the brass from fixtures Stripping lead from older pipes — and putting it into the customer’s water Deteriorating o-rings and other rubber products in faucets and toilets causing leaking and requiring replacement at an unprecedented rate New copper flaking off in water Accelerating scale […]

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UPDATE: Sign our Petition on and Help Stop Another Flint Disaster

We just broke 35,000 signatures!  Spread the word! The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is grabbing national headlines and evoking outrage. Children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning, people have died from Legionnaire’s disease, and its long-term health impacts are still unknown. Everyone from President Obama to […]

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An Open Letter Calling for a Moratorium on Chloramine Use in LA’s Water Supply

I’ve been a plumber for over 40 years, but I’ve never seen anything like the levels of corrosion and disintegration in pipes and fixtures since the LADWP introduced chloramine. Chloramine is: De-zincing the brass from fixtures Stripping lead from older pipes — and putting it into the […]

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A Handful of Useful Links on Chloramine

Here are a few links to more information on chloramine, the disinfectant that LADWP has recently switched to and which is raising some concerns…   Erin Brockovich gives an overview of chloramine and the issues surrounding it Good fact-sheet on chloramine from Citizens Concerned About Chloramine […]

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