Leak Detection Bel Air

Bel Air Leak Detection

Leak detection is a skill set that a good plumber must have to resolve plumbing leaks. With roughly forty years under our tool belts combined with state of the art leak location equipment, TRM Plumbing is the go-to Bel Air (90077) leak location company. TRM Plumbing is able to help you resolve all kinds of leaks such as: water leaks, gas leaks, sewer leaks and more. Even though there is a good chance that one of the owner of TRM Plumbing will be the ones doing your leak location, our other plumbers are put through in excess of 25 hours of in-house training with the leak location equipment for gas leaks, water leaks, and sewer leaks, so that quick and precise leak location takes place when the job requires it.

A small family owned plumbing company, TRM Plumbing is run and operated by Todd and Seth Marsh. TRM Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured plumbing contracting company serving Bel Air 900077 and the greater Los Angeles area.

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