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TRM plumbing is the preferred plumbing service company that can help resolve any and all of your water heater troubles in Brentwood. Whether your water heater is in need of repair or replacement, TRM plumbing has nearly 40 years of experience in water heater repair / installation.

TRM plumbing has been rendering water heater repair and installation services to Brentwood residence and business owners alike for close to 40 years. TRM plumbing is run by Todd marsh and his son Seth — a father and son organization that takes the trade very seriously. TRM Plumbing is located in Mid-City LA, which makes it very convenient to service the community.

TRM plumbing is appropriately licensed insured and bonded with extensive experience to resolve all of your water heater issues. Whether you require residential service or commercial TRM plumbing is the #1 plumbing company when it comes to water heater repair and installation.

Are you in need of a repair to a thermocouple, or a repair to water heater venting, or a replacement of water heater entirely? TRM Plumbing has well-inventoried trucks that are fully stocked with water heater parts and ready to go to limit lost time. TRM Plumbing also looks at ways of insuring a safe / proper water heater installation such as proper exhaust venting and code required earthquake strapping.

TRM Plumbing covers all bases when it comes to your water heater repair or installation. Water heaters have the potential of being quite dangerous to a home or business. They are generally energized by gas or electricity and therefore have the potential to cause damage. Therefore you want to make sure that your water heater repair technician or installer is well experienced, licensed, insured and bonded. This ensures that there are no surprises or damages following the repair or installation of a water heater in Brentwood.

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