Garbage Disposals Santa Monica

Santa Monica Garbage Disposals

Don’t you hate when you are buzzing along with the Santa Monica breeze blowing through your window and all of a sudden, BOOM! your trusty garbage disposal breaks or starts leaking. TRM Plumbing has plumbers who are well trained garbage disposal repair technicians.

TRM Plumbing is owned and operated by father and son who are most likely the ones to show up at your door. With roughly 40 years of experience, TRM Plumbing has been operating and servicing all of your Santa Monica plumbing needs.

TRM Plumbing has probably fixed and replaced over 2,000 garbage disposals. TRM Plumbing has all different types of garbage disposals and garbage disposal repair parts on our trucks to quickly solve your garbage disposal problems.

Don’t let the stench of that old non-functioning garbage disposal get you down. Call the best Santa Monica plumbers to take care of that yucky garbage disposal.

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