Copper Repiping

Copper Repiping/ Water Repiping

Copper repiping is ultimately a necessary undertaking for any home, business, or institution that has been operating with old water piping. Ultimately, original water piping becomes oxidized and or leaks as a result of natural wear and tear. TRM utilizes the highest-quality copper piping and fittings and has transitioned to a system that does not require flames and solder, thus significantly minimizing the potential for a fire while also delivering a finished product that is significantly healthier. TRM works diligently to purchase domestic materials that exceed industry standards. TRM’s has selected Viega as its primary source for copper fittings. Viega delivers a product that is unparalleled in the industry, which helps TRM deliver unparalleled work with absolute dependability. With over 40-years experience in the trade, TRM applies a deep knowledge base when designing and engineering a system that exceeds code standard and its clients’ expectation.

Gas Repiping

Once a gas system has exceeded its useful life expectancy, repiping the gas system is required. TRM now utilizes new technologies and methods of installation to deliver a superior gas system that is both time and cost efficient. TRM will initially evaluate the existing system for proper sizing, make proposed suggestions of upgrades (if needed), and proceed to methodically repipe the gas system while minimizing the impact to the client. TRM gas repipes are all installed in a manner that meets and or exceeds the plumbing code.

Drain and Sewer Repipe

Like all other aspects of a plumbing system, drains and sewers need to be repiped once they have gone beyond their useful life expectancy. TRM’s 40+ years experience enables them to furnish drain and sewer repipes in a manner that is time and cost efficient while providing the client with a job that will last. TRM utilizes new types of materials and installation methods to help extend the life of the installation and optimize the finished product. This includes the use of sound insulating techniques and use of plastic ABS plastic underground to off set the deterioration and decomposition that takes place to traditional cast iron piping in underground conditions. TRM provide both small scale residential drain and sewer repipes as well as large scale commercial and industrial projects.

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