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Drains and Sewers


Plumbing stoppages are one of the most frequent plumbing services requested. Stoppages require skilled tradesman who understand drain cleaning equipment while preserving the piping as best as possible. Stoppages needn’t be

Main Line Blockage

Mainline stoppages are one of the most inconvenient plumbing problems. Whether a residential or commercial location, a mainline stoppage prevents full use of the plumbing fixtures. TRM possesses over 40 years of experience in clearing mainline stoppages and has a deep selection of drain cleaning equipment. Between the experience and equipment, TRM is capable of clearing most mainline stoppages. There are instances where the condition of the pipe is so poor that clearing a stoppage is not viable which results in sewer line replacement (couldn’t we link “sewer line replacement” to that particular page for linking value?)

Drain Cleaning

TRM believes there is an art to professional drain cleaning. Despite it sometimes being a dirty job, professional drain cleaning requires skilled technicians with experience to ensure that the drain is cleaned properly with no damage to the plumbing and surrounding areas.


Snaking involves the use of a motorized drain cleaning machine. Snaking is used to clear obstructions in a drain or sewer line. Generally snaking can clear stoppages caused by the likes of roots.

Preventative Maintenance Drain Cleaning

TRM believes that preventative maintenance drain cleaning is vital to a house or business who either has a preexisting condition or is highly active. TRM has many Restaurant accounts who are on regular preventative maintenance programs to minimize business interruption. Similarly many customer with homes with old sewers, are on TRM’s preventative maintenance program to maintain the lines while not having to endure the cost and invasive nature of line replacement.

Drain Line Repair

Drain lines are those waste lines within the “foundation” of the property. These are the lines that service each sink, shower, faucet, etc. TRM strives to only use high-quality domestic material when repairing a drain line to ensure a long lifetime of service.

Sewer Line Repair

Many sewer lines in Los Angeles are subject to needing repairs these days due to their age. Older sewer material has a Life expectancy of about 50 years. TRM looks to repair sewers with appropriate materials to ensure proper function and a long useful life.

Drain Line Replacement

Generally, drain line replacement is required after a line has exceeded its useful life expectancy. All trains or installed using metal material. Overtime those deteriorate and rushed which causes for stoppages. Newer materials are generally are made of plastic and are much more in pervious to corrosion and deterioration.

Sewer Line Replacement

A sewer line is often times replaced after it has become fully obstructed by roots and door broken. Original materials have an expected life of about 50 years and after that become subject to failing. Sewer line replacement involves the installation of new materials at proper gradients to ensure that the sewer flows properly.

Hydro Jetting

Santa-Monica-Pier-Utility-w-hydrojet-SIZEDTRM Plumbing offers both commercial and residential hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting is a viable and effective drain cleaning option where the line is not backed up. High-pressure water us used to cut through content in the line such as roots, grease, debris build-up and more. TRM assists many commercial accounts in remaining operational and profitable by proper treatment of drain and sewer lines with routine hydro jet service. Homeowners similarly benefit from hydo jet technology, as it assists in the removal of root intrusion into sewer and drain lines.

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