Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Water Leak / Pipe Burst

Plumbing water leaks and pipe bursts generally occur as a result of aged or fatigued water piping. Also, high water pressure can lead to water leaks and busted pipes. Improperly sized, installed, or selected materials can also cause for leaks. TRM only inventories and installs high-quality materials and strives to only procure domestic products.

Gas Leak

Gas leaks can be a very dangerous plumbing emergency. TRM helps to educate their customers on the safety hazards of a gas leak and educates their customers on how to identify and shut down the gas system. Gas leaks generally occur resulting from deteriorated piping and or improper installation. It is imperative that underground gas piping be installed properly to maximize the useful life expectancy of the pipe. This includes proper use of materials, proper depth of installation, use of tracer wire, and adequate insulation of buried materials.

Sewage Leak

Emergency sewage lakes generally occur as a result of deteriorated sewage piping . Typically this type of piping is either cast-iron for Clay. Cast-iron piping has a useful Life expectancy of approximately 50 years. Clay piping itself may last significantly longer other then the cemented joints that become porous and disconnect. This is where route intrusion often times occurs.

Drain Stoppage

Emergency drain stoppages are always a inconvenience to clients and they always seem to come at the wrong time. TRM has a wide variety of drain cleaning equipment to assist in all types of stoppages. Once resolved, compromised drains can be maintained through preventative service to help extend the life and use of the pipe.

Sewer Stoppage

Emergency sewer stoppages usually surface as backed up sewage and a complete mess. TRM possesses various types of drain cleaning equipment and diagnostic tools to both alleviate the stoppage an address the underlying issue.

No Hot Water

Emergency lack of hot water issues with some type of defect in the water heater. TRM is quick to diagnose the issue at hand and either provide a repair and/or immediate replacement to get the client back in hot water. TRM also offers temporary hot water solutions to mitigate being out of hot water for too long while the repair or parts is in transit.

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