Gray Water

Gray WaterTRM Plumbing understands the reality of rising water costs. Therefore, TRM Plumbing has pursued the process of recycling water by way of gray water.

Gray water is specifically wash water. That is, bath, dish, and laundry water excluding toilet wastes and free of garbage-grinder residues. When properly managed, gray water can be a valuable resource, which horticultural and agricultural growers as well as home gardeners can benefit from. It can also be valuable to landscape planners, builders, developers and contractors because of the design and landscaping advantages of on-site gray water treatment/management.

TRM Plumbing is constantly researching the most reliable gray water systems for our customers. The installation of a gray water system can result in significant money savings to the customer along with a reduced carbon foot print.

Many cities such as Malibu and Santa Monica are big proponents of environmentally friendly construction and will often times incentivize owners to install gray water by way of subsidies.

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