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Why a Home Water Filter in Los Angeles is a Good Idea

As the quality of water being delivered by municipalities degrades, TRM highly recommends water filtration to its customers. Particularly with the recent addition of chloramine by LADWP and other suppliers to the water as a disinfectant (replacing traditional chlorine), which may have unintended health and plumbing system effects (see our posts on chloramine), we believe that filtering your water is more important than ever.

And the cost savings of filtering your own water over purchasing bottled water are enormous.

Point of Use Water Filtration

Filtered Water A point of use water filter is an economical way to provide cleaner, safer drinking water for your family.

Point of use water filtration is a water filter device generally located at the sink. This is mostly used for drinking water and to wash vegetables and fruit.

TRM carries most major brands and is highly involved in water quality and the water filtration movement (see our petition).

If you’re interested in learning more about your water filtration options give us a call at (323) 930-1106.

Whole House Water Filtration

whole-house-filter-SIZEDA whole house water filter is the best way to ensure quality, clean water flows throughout your entire home.

Whole house water filtration systems consist of a unit installed at the water inlet to the house. In turn, all of the water consumed within the house becomes filtered after this point. This helps in removing the impurities and contaminants naturally found in city water and also helps to reduce scale buildup on fixtures and on glassware.

Whole house water filtration systems are a more expensive option than point of use water filtration however, depending on the specific system, can offer greater savings over time as the filter is generally larger and can require replacement less frequently (and the savings over bottled water in either case are significant).

Water Filtration Preventative Maintenance

TRM offers preventative maintenance services for water filtration systems. TRM will calendar and assist in scheduling routine replacement of water filtration and also do annual check-ups on the various water filtration systems.

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